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maintain a record of the metadata related to file.

When a file is created, metadata about the file is recorded with the file. Further operations on the file (modifying it) will alter this metadata and the original metadata (such as creation date) is lost. This Tracker program would be very useful to retain that original metadata information as well as the modified data with the file, such that a normal 'data' file (to which a small modification has been made) could have the original metadata restored.
For instance, you create a file on 8th Feb 2014, and modify it on 9th Feb 2014. Perhaps a year later when using it again, you observe a small mistake in the content of the file, make the alteration - but now when it's saved again, the file has lost the original time and date of the previous actions, and you might wish to restore that information to the amended file.

John Westbury , 09.02.2016, 10:18
Idea status: under consideration


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